Primary & Secondary

Schools (Preschool - Year 12)

Enhancing dance education within the school environment!

Here at Beatz Dance Company we focus on the health and physical side, as well as students engaging in fun and exciting dance programs to suit all skill levels.  

Throughout the program, students will learn various movements to build on over time, as well as experimenting with different dance genres and developing a wide variety of skills such as-

Using each of these skills above, it creates a stepping stone to provide the resources needed to help the teachers explore and build on other areas within their students.  

We support the learning outcomes of each student, and make sure that these fundamentals are carried out to the classroom. 

All our dance programs are linked to the Australian curriculum which we have accessible on our resources page below-

Secondary programs focus on Ballroom dances where the students learn various genres such as the Salsa, Quickstep and the Jive. Most dances are created where the students will progress onto another partner each time the dance starts again.

A social dance, whether it will be a formal or informal evening, gives the opportunity for students to demonstrate their new dance skills gained throughout our lessons.

We also teach the importance of manners and respect by getting the students to ask their partners to dance in the beginning of each lesson.

We can assist you with your upcoming event, we can help you recreate the dances learnt into a performance or showcase the dances learnt over the course.
We specialise in the following-